Crystals You May Like to Meditate With

Using crystals when meditating can enhance your meditation and help raise consciousness levels.

Crystals can also be useful when meditating if you are meditating on a particular area of your life which coincides with your stones healing properties.

A few examples of stones which are nice to meditate with are:-



Lapis Lazuli; is the ideal stone to hold or use as a focal point during mediation if the intention of your meditation is to thrive at work, reaching your goals; increasing success, happiness and financial security.

Amazonite; can be used during meditation if your aim is to protect yourself from outside energies in the work environment. You can also meditate with the intention of bringing prosperity to the business such as new customers.



Jade; is probably the most commonly known stone for travel. You can meditate with Jade holding the intention of good health (which is especially good when travelling to somewhere where water or food can upset your stomach). it is also a great stone for protection of adults, children or lone travellers alike so a meditation for general protection with your travelling experience in mind is a good thing to do before a trip.

Malachite; is a good stone to meditate with before travelling, especially if you are travelling by air. Malachite can help to alleviate any fears of flying and can also help with jet lag so hold these intentions in your meditation using the Malachite to enhance your experience.



Rose Quartz; if you wish to send love to someone or bring about a feeling of love within yourself, rose quartz is a lovely stone to use to enhance your intentions. Hold the stone and visualise your intent through the stone.

Emerald; can be held or used as a focal point during meditation if your intention is to attract successful love into your life, and keep it once you have found it. If you are having relationship difficulties this is a good stone to mediate with to bring the love back into your relationship.



Citrine; is known to help attract financial prosperity. Meditate with a citrine holding the intentions for prosperity then keep the citrine in your purse or handbag to further enhance the meditative energies it has absorbed. You will need to cleanse the crystal and repeat this process if it is an ongoing intention.

Tigers Eye; If you want to protect your money, use tigers eye as the focal point of your mediation to enhance your intentions and as with Citrine you can keep a stone in your purse or handbag to further enhance the meditative energies it has absorbed and to deflect anything that draws off or absorbs your abundance.


General meditation

Clear Quartz; any form of clear quartz is a natural enhancer of energy and is therefore a fantastic choice of stone to hold or use as a focal point during meditation if you don’t set out with a specific intention.

In fact any stone can be used to meditate with so if you feel drawn to a stone, why not meditate with it to see how it feels for you. After doing so how about looking up the properties of that stone to see if any of them ring true for you at this point in time.

Happy Meditating.

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