Meditating with Crystals or Gemstones

What is Meditation
Meditation is an ancient practice which is beneficial to every aspect of our being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Meditation does not require any specific beliefs or spiritual ideas. You do not need any special talent. You only need yourself, your mind, and a few minutes in which you can be undisturbed.

Why Meditate

Physically meditation relaxes the body and mind, releasing tension, which slows our heart rate and lowers blood pressure. It relieves stress bringing a sense of calm and serenity.
Emotionally meditation can help release negative , replacing them with feelings of love, acceptance, and peace.
Spiritually meditation enables one to attain higher states of consciousness bringing about a greater sense of awareness in which previously unseen solutions, answers, and insights may rise to the surface.

Why use Crystals in Meditation

Some people use crystals and stones to assist in obtaining a deep meditative state. Crystals can be used to help a person absorb the stones healing properties, they can be laid on the respective chakras according to colour and used in a Chakra cleansing meditation or you can simply hold or place the stone before you as a focal point to maintain concentration.

• Calming blue stones such as aquamarine, blue calcite, and turquoise, will help clear the mind and calm the body.
• Purple and clear stones such as amethyst, clear quartz, or charoite can aid one in reaching higher states of consciousness.

However, any healing stone can be used during meditation, it’s up to you.

How do I use Crystals in Meditation?
Once you have chosen the crystal you wish to work with, either place it in front of you or hold it in your hand. Find a position that is comfortable for you, you can lie down; sit on a pillow, in a chair, or anywhere you find comfortable. Take a few deep breaths concentrating on the in-breath flowing down expanding your abdomen and the out-breath flowing out as your abdomen retracts. Now starting down at your toes focus on each part of your body in turn imagining it relaxing, work your way up the legs; torso; arms; shoulders; neck and head. Take your time to do this. Once you have completed this your breathing should have slowed down and your mind be still.
If thoughts come and go, allow them to flow without engaging, keep going back to your breath, releasing.

Now that you are in a meditative state, picture (with your eyes closed) energy flowing into your crystal and hold the intention you want from your crystal whether it be to deepen your relaxation, cleansing the chakras or something more specific. Mentally visualise the energy moving through the crystal then into your own body up through the feet / the chakras / to a specific point depending on your intention, if you are using the crystal for general relaxation, it may be nice to pull the energy up through your body then visualise it cocooning your body.

You are now connected to your higher self through meditation. Stay in this place for as long you feel is right. This is a good place to ask for any assistance or guidance you may need at this point in time, when your mind is blank, answers you already hold deep in your consciousness can come to you. When it is time to return to the everyday world, you will know it. Slowly listen to the sounds around you and bring an awareness back into your body, working down from your head to your toes bring gentle movements in and finally stretch your arms and legs out; before you open your eyes send thanks to your crystal then open your eyes.

You should now cleanse your crystal. (Further instructions on how to do this are on our website).

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